Hi there, I am still currently working putting together this very helpful Styling Guide page for you.

If you have landed here, please reach out to me via email to discuss your Styling Guide options.

What you wear for your photoshoot matters

Not only does your location and surroundings matter but so does your outfit. Number one, we always want you to feel comfortable which is why I have put together a little guide full of options. You may already have some of these items or colours to work with, or maybe you need to pop out to the shops to source something - that's why this guide is here to help. I'm also available any time you need a hand, so please reach out.

Ideas for children

The above items for boys and girls are all from H&M (easier to purchase online) You can see that they all look comfortable and that's really what we want for the kids. If they aren't happy in a buttoned up shirt, don't sweat it. Plain t-shirts like these are perfect. I am a huge lover of getting my children's clothes from here for the price and quality. Sizing with most items I find are either spot on or I go a size bigger. If you're ordering online, remember to do so with more than enough time to spare before your session.

TIP: children's shoes will almost always be in the shot. Make sure they are in a pair of shoes that you are happy to have in your photos.

ideas for dad

Again, the above options are with comfort in mind. These items are from H&M, Country Road and Jay Jays.

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