Preparation is Key!

Preparing for your newborn session can seem daunting and there's no doubt that it may be a bit stressful so I've created a few of my favourite tips and tricks to share with you to help ease the load!

  1. Pack everything you may need the night before. Have any clothes you are wearing ready to go and pack your baby's nappy bag. Extra nappies is always a good idea!
  2. Leave more than enough time to arrive at the studio. You may need to run back in for a few last minute things or experience a poo explosion as you're walking out the door. Anything is possible :)
  3. Dress baby in a zippy onesie, without a singlet or anything underneath. Babies hate getting changed so we want to eliminate this layer of clothing and help keep them settled as I get them ready for their session.
  4. Give baby a feed before you leave. Burp them and check that they are settled before popping them into the car. The car ride should then pop them into a good sleep. Bring a bottle of milk that we can top them up with during the session.
  5. Bring a dummy. Even if you don't plan on using one, it may help to settle them.

During your session.

You can sit back and relax while I take care of everything. I'll have your Client Wardrobe choices ready for you and while you're getting ready, I'll get baby ready. Your session generally starts with photos of you and baby first, this helps to keep them settled. We then move onto family photos and include any siblings. Once baby is getting into a deeper sleep, we do their solo photos and photos with any siblings. While this is happening, you'll be comfy on the couch enjoying the peacefulness, having a few snacks and looking over in awe at what you've created. I encourage you during this time to take some behind the scenes photos from where you're seated and share the excitement on social media if you wish too. I love to see it from your view!