one day they won't need me

They Won't Need A Million Mummy Kisses Or For Me To Cut Their Grapes
Until Then I'll Be Whatever They Need

"There are a range of emotions and feelings that come with being first time parents, and Nasta’s ability to reflect these in her photos is truly unique. Her warm and kind nature allowed us to relax and focus on our daughter and each other, and the gallery captured perfectly our love for her and this special time in our lives."

The best time to enquire and book in your newborn session is when you know your due date or at least 6 months in advance. We will initially schedule it in for your due date and once baby is born we will arrange a date for your session before baby is 2 weeks old. Organising your session at least 6 months in advance allows you time to pop into the studio (by appointment only) to have a look and try on our wonderful range of Client Wardrobe items and it's also one less to worry about once baby comes along.

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