This location is favourite amongst many clients. It's perfect on cloudy evenings to haze the sun from directly hitting the rocks. The stunning colours through the rocks make a stunning backdrop for your memories.


Location two, my personal favourite. It's perfect year round - ever so quiet, versatile, toddler friendly and it hosts the most beautiful, soft grassy and beachy scenery for your memories.


This stunning golden field is an absolute dream. The only downside is that it is seasonal and sometimes it get mowed. With this location we could experience a last minute change of scenery and need to head to location 2 (15 minutes away).

On the day of your session I will head down early enough to let you know how it's looking.


If you love a simple beach setting, this is for you. Beautiful soft greenery pockets to nestle in but also the length of the beach to wander down. To really soak in the softness of this location, I suggest selecting this location for a Lovers session.

all locations are within approximately 45km radius of narre warren south

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