I know your phone storage is full of photos of your children, I get it.. Mine is too! But are you in the photos with them? 

Below is a list of reasons why you should dedicate at least one day of the year, each year to document your family. 

Just one day, a couple of hours, to freeze that moment in time for years to come.


Having pictures freezes memories. It captures a moment that’s gone in a second for you to be able to remember and cherish for years. It allows you to look back on past times, talk about and relive moments. It also teaches our children their family history.


They teach us history and help us understand. People connect with images and it shows how life was before the present time.


They tell us stories. By looking at a picture you can tell many things. You’ll be reminded of that specific moment and the story behind it.


They evoke emotion. Have you ever looked at a photo and instantly felt the same emotions as you did in the image? That’s the power of a photo.


They build connection and relationships that you may not have had. It’s a way to keep in touch. Think of your friends and family who you don’t see often, sending them photos helps them feel close. Photos are a beautiful way to keep in touch with those who are near and far.


It can inspire you to enjoy life more and celebrate moments. It can help you to become more aware of the little things in life. It can inspire you to have the desire to experience more.


An obvious one, they document growth! Week by week your newborn changes, month by month your toddlers are growing. Looking back on photos even after a short period of time brings back little memories. You'll see how little their hands were, their tiny details changing. Documenting these moments helps you remember them as they once were.